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Flood Insurance

Homeowners living in Sauk Rapids, MN have witnessed the damage that flash flooding has caused nearby communities. Businesses in the area also suffered in these recent flash flooding. Flash flooding happens when a rainstorm begins and brings rain down faster than it can travel, leaving it to flash flood in areas that usually do not have flooding. Since flash flooding can happen virtually across the state, it is essential to get protection for your property. At Hoff's Insurance Specialists, we offer a flood insurance policy that you can supplement your home or commercial insurance policy to gain that extra protection.

Replace damaged property.

When flash flooding happens, racing waters can enter your home or business at a rapid pace and damage all the property in its way. With a flood insurance policy, you can replace or repair these items with a claim made on your policy. These items include everything from furniture and appliances to clothing, jewelry, and other personal items.

Structure Restoration.

If the structure of your home or business is damaged from flooding waters, your policy will cover any renovations and repairs that are needed so that you can get back to your life at home or at work. The floors throughout the structure will often need to be replaced, as well as baseboards, walls, and cabinets that carried water.

Relocation coverage is available.

If you are temporarily displaced from your home due to flooding, you can get financial assistance for temporary housing with your flood insurance. Whether you need to stay a few nights or a couple of months while your home is being repaired, your flood insurance policy will give you the coverage you need to maintain the cost of temporary housing while also maintaining your mortgage on your home.

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